Joint Strike Fighters and money rain down on Broadway

front of_reducedMedia Release
15 April 2013

On the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) on April 15, $100 notes will be handed out in Sydney’s Broadway to highlight the government’s appalling waste of money on the military while F-35 Joint Strike Fighters will fly overhead.
“Current Federal Government military spending is $25 billion, a massive $68 million every day,” Denis Doherty from GDAMS Sydney said.

“We don’t have enough submariners for our present small fleet of submarines yet the Government is throwing away millions on 12 more,” he said.

“Australians will have to pay $24 million of these which, with maintenance costs, means a total bill for taxpayers of over $100 million over the next decade.”

“The waste of resources on the military does not create security. Rather it drives countries to try to match or outstrip money spent on war preparations by regional neighbours,” said Nick Deane for GDAMS Sydney.
“This creates a regional arm race and hence insecurity and less funds for human needs. Money spent on the military brings misery, not security.”
“Outside the Health Minister’s office $100 notes will be stuck on F-35s to symbolise another example of the government’s irresponsible and exorbitant military spending on planes will be late, expensive and won’t deliver the promised level of capability,” Nick Deane said.
Australia is considering acquiring up to 100 JSF aircraft but has so far contracted to buy just 14.
Australia’s first two aircraft, due for delivery from 2014, will cost about $130 million each. The average cost of the first 14 aircraft will be about $110 million each.

“The Government tries to fool people by claiming it has cut military spending,” Denis Doherty said.

“This is nonsense. The so-called cuts come mainly by deferring programs already in the pipeline or delaying start times. We will still have to pay for them later.

“Another con trick is to claim more spending is needed to ensure our military can help in disaster relief.

“Humanitarian aid is important but it is obvious that the ADF was not created for this purpose,” Mr Doherty said.

In cities around Australia and in over 100 centres world wide, demonstrations are being held to mark GDAMS which coincides with the publication by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute of world military expenditures for the past year.

Monday April 15th from 4pm to 6pm
Outside Minister for Health’s office. 150 Broadway, Sydney
Contact: Denis Doherty 0418 290 663 or Nick Deane 0420 526 929
Visit our websites:,, http:/

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