Dawn’s reflections of Tuesday

It is disappointing to hear that our guest speaker, Vince Emanuele, has been harassed by the police and asked to show his passport. We have registered our dismay to Kerry, the police liaison person, and she is taking it seriously. Perhaps there will be a directive not to try to score brownie points by targeting peace workers – who knows…Dawn_smaller
Last night PM Rudd came to town for the Community Cabinet. The catering students at Rocky High were doing a fine job welcoming participants with finger food. One was startled when the street theatre figure moved: she thought the activists in Guantanamo orange jumpsuits were dummies. I cadged some finger food for the ‘prisoners’ from across the fence and the students were quite tickled. Shortly afterwards I saw them being escorted across the road to serve the Reef protesters; so street theatre is a wonderful way to break down barriers.
There was a big Save the Reef contingent, including a number of children. There was also a lone protester with a beef about beef. His sign was not easily read, but his sign had a swear word on it. I asked Kerry if she had seen the rude word, but if she did notice she let it pass.
By contrast, the freshly painted STOP TALISMAN SABRE sign looked fabulous in red and black with white lettering. It was upfront and highly visible as Kevin Rudd’s car departed. Well done everyone!
We sojourned to the Motor Vessel club where we heard more of Vince’s compelling story and enjoyed a glass of wine and then pumpkin soup for supper. Thanks Wayne for hosting us.
Dawn Joyce

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