Peace pilgrims safe and content


please e-mail Defence Minister Stephen Smith ( asking for exercises to be halted while civilians on the base


24 July, 2013


Peace Pilgrims remain in Shoalwater Bay Military Training Facility

Photos of the peace pilgrims inside Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area are being posted online, including of their makeshift camp where they stayed overnight.  They have reported that they heard helicopter and large vehicle movement until the middle of the night.Both_no_entry

An online campaign has been launched for the exercises to be halted while citizens are on the base.  The campaign has been bolstered by a media release from Greens Senator, Scott Ludlam asking the Defence Department to halt the exercises (Senator Ludlam’s MR: The call is linked with recent media reports that indicate that the four ‘jettisoned’ bombs were dropped on the Great Barrier Reef last week because of the presence of civilian boats inside the military training zone.

Greg Rolles (31yrs), school teacher from Brisbane; and Graham Dunstan (71yrs), retired grey nomad entered the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area early yesterday morning with an aim to disrupt the exercises.  They cite their opposition to the current wars that Australia has joined the US in as key reasons for their action.Greg_on_road

There are currently 28,000 Australian and US troops undertaking joint military training in Australia, with a focus on the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area.  Last week two US aircraft dropped 4 bombs on the Great Barrier Reef when they were unable to land at their planned location.

Media interviews with Greg Rolles and Graeme Dunstan are available by phoning 0407 951 688 (phone in intermittent range.  Pls leave message with return phone number and preferred time/s for contact).

For further media comment, contact 0431 519 577.

Photos are available at www.peaceconvergence.wordpress.comGreg_no_entryGraeme_no_entry

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