Support our Peace Pilgrims as they camp in the base

Camp for night
Our pilgrims setting up camp for the night

Please e-mail Minister Stephen Smith ( and ask him to halt military training exercises while their are two civilians on the base.

See below for more….

Two peace activists, Graeme Dunstan and Greg Rolles, are currently within the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area. The Talisman Saber military exercise is taking place in this area and we are concerned for their safety.

The US military recently jettisoned four bombs in the Great Barrier Reef on Tuesday last week. Commander William Marks of the US Seventh Fleet claims that they did so as a safety precaution because civilian boats were near the designated target.

Story is below and at

With this appropriate safety precedent set, we call on the ADF and the US military to cease military activity within the Shoalwater region until the safety of Graeme Dunstan and Greg Rolles can be assured.

This call out has been supported by a media release from  Senator Scott Ludlam.

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