Day 3: Tiger Ploughshare Trial Remembers: Helicopters kill civilians

After a procession to the court, paying homage to people who have put their lives at risk for exposing war and war crimes –  and those who have paid the price with their lives in those situations, Graeme Dunstan and his McKenzie friend Sean O’ Reilley, and supporters returned to court for the final day of the Tiger Ploughshare trial.   The jury heard closing statements from Graeme Dunstan and the prosecution and has been in deliberation since.

Signs carried in the procession remember: Tiger Ploughshare activist Bryan Law and Graeme Dunstan,  military whistle blowers Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning,  journalists Glenn Greenwald and David Miranda, WikiLeaks activists Sarah Harrison and  Julian Assange, journalists killed by the helicopter in the Collateral Murder footage released by Bradley Manning through WikiLeaks:  Namir Noor-ElDeen and Saeed Chmagh.


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