New radio series tackles peace and conflict at many levels

PIM-galleryThis series from the studios of 4EB Brisbane, with funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, tackles the issues of conflict and peace through the research of peace psychologists. We talk to counsellors, researchers, peace advocates and citizens about their experiences in this ten-part radio series that covers the breadth of the field from couples conflict, through group conflicts including racism, to national and global conflicts like war. We conclude the series with a vision of a peaceful world through the eyes of psychologists and peace advocates.

The series is sponsored by Psychologists for Peace, an interest group of the Australian Psychological Society, 4EBfm, 4ZZZfm and the Community Radio Network.

Episode 1 – Conflict: the good, the bad and the ugly (1/6 August 2013)
Did you know that conflict is not always a bad thing?
What has psychology got to contribute to peace and conflict? We talk to peace psychologists Dr Di Bretherton and Dr Winnifred Louis both from the University of Queensland Department of Social Psychology.
Episode 2 – Interpersonal conflict (8/13 August 2013)
How to argue without losing it.
While not all conflict is bad, a total absence of conflict is not a good sign for relationships. We hear some practical advice for couples and families in conflict, even the unspoken kind. We talk to Ingrid Sturmey, Practice Leader at Relationships Australia, Victoria.
Episode 3 – Alternatives to Violence (15/20 August 2013)
Learning to resolve our conflicts non-violently.
The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) is a volunteer run intervention that works in schools, prisons and communities worldwide. We talk to three participant/practitioners of the AVP: Dr Olwyn Maddock (a school psychologist based in Western Australia), Terry Pinnell (who volunteers in prisons) and Taylor Clark (a university student turned AVP trainer).
Episode 4 – Bullying (22/27 August 2013)
How to recognise a bully and what to do.
No age group is exempt from the pernicious effects of bullying. In this episode we talk to Rebecca Michalak from the University of Queensland, workplace bullying expert.
Episode 5 – Forgiveness (29 August/3 September 2013)
Grudges are bad for your health
Saying sorry may be hard to do, but forgiveness is absolutely essential to well-being. In this episode we talk to Dr Eleanor Wertheim from LaTrobe University, whose research and practice in conflict resolution has given insight into how and why we should forgive.
Episode 6 – Racism (5/10 September 2013)
Prejudice is key to resolving many conflicts
Racism is an attitude that one’s own racial group is superior to another’s and that one’s skin colour or ethnicity influences their intelligence or moral qualities. Addressing racism, and other forms of intergroup conflict, is essential to peace-building. We talk to Dr Liz Jones from Griffith University, whose research into cross-cultural relations is yielding some solutions to breaking down barriers between different ethnic groups.
Episode 7 – Gender and conflict (12/17 September 2013)
Why women are the mainstay of the peace movement
In the year 2000 the United Nations adopted Security council Resolution 1325, recognising for the first time that women’s experiences in war and peace building is usually not considered, and too often violence against women and girls in wartime is treated with impunity. We talk to Dr Nicole George University of Queensland’s Department of Political Science, and Dr Eleanor Wertheim, from La Trobe University.
Episode 8 – Conflict and the environment (19/24 September 2013)
Conflicts are increasingly over natural resources
Environmental resources are often a point of conflict between nations. But on a more philosophical level, some psychologists believe that increased contact with and appreciation of nature can contribute to increasing compassion and peace. We talk to Dr Susie Burke, from the Australian Psychological Society’s Public Interest Team and environmentalist and peace advocate, Robin Taubenfeld from Friends of the Earth.
Episode 9 – War (26 September/1 October)
Post traumatic stress disorder, violence, death, pollution.
Because the ill effects of war are so devastating, psychologists have been assisting communities not only in recovery from armed conflicts, but in finding ways to avoid war. We talked to Dr Winnifred Louis, convenor of Psychologists for Peace, Dr Eleanor Wertheim who works on conflict resolution training at the United Nations and peace advocate, Robin Taubenfeld.
Episode 10 – What will bring peace? (3/5 October)
Psychologists and peace advocates visions for a peaceful future
We can all identify what is bad in war and conflict, but what is the alternative vision? We talk to peace advocates and psychologists in this final episode of the series. With interviews: Dr Di Bretherton (UQ), Annette Brownlie and Robin Taubenfeld (peace advocates).
Playing on the Community Radio Network national satellite service Thursdays from 09:04 to 09:32 EST, and repeating Tuesdays from 18:04 to 18:32 EST. For further information contact the CBAA office on 02 9310

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