National Day of Action

Do you yearn for a peaceful and independent Australia, an Australia disentangled in US wars?

Let this yearning become visible and vocal by occupying public space and social media in celebrating 4 July as a pre-emptive strike for peace. #IndependenceFROMAmerica

You might do this by direct action at some US consulate or military installation.

Graeme Dunstan and his Peacebus will be celebrating outside the army barracks in Rockhampton where preparations for the biennial Talisman Sabre US-Australian war rehearsals at the Shoalwater Bay Military Exercise Area will be underway.

The Canberra Peace Network will be hosting a forum:  War, Peace and Independence at the Legislative Assembly with Professor Ramesh Thakur, Dr Alison Broinowski, Dr Mike Gilligan & Dr Sue Wareham.

You  might simply post a selfie on FaceBook of yourself holding up a slogan.

Make 4 July an opportunity to let people know how concerned you are about the Trump presidency and the endless, bloody and costly wars of the US empire.

Will you join us?  

We would love it if you could commit to:

  • doing something on July 4
  • posting info, images of whatever you do on the event page & your own social media
  • letting us put it out on our social/media sites!

If July 4 doesn’t work for you as an action day, promoting a selfie posting or letter writing campaign, a BBQ/picnic, trivia night etc would be great too!

Talisman Saber live exercises will go through July 8 -July 23/25 so there is plenty of time to do something else if you’d like!  Ships and/or troops may also be in your neighbourhood before or after the exercises.  Normally, some troops spend time in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin and Townsville.

For more info contact Graeme: 0407 951 688 or visit the Facebook Event.

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