Endorse the Pacific Peace Declaration

We, the peoples of the Pacific, aim to create a peaceful, sustainable, and thriving region free of militarism and its negative consequences. We stand in solidarity with each other, empowered by the spirit of our ancestors and as stewards of Moana Nui (the Pacific Ocean). We envision the following:

>> A halt to all military exercises (in land, sea and air) in the Pacific region that
threatens the sustainability of our physical environment;
>> The closure of all foreign military bases, facilities and installations;
>> The clean-up of all toxic military sites that have led to the death of people in
surrounding base communities to cancer and other diseases that result from
exposure to toxic military contamination of lands, territories, and waters;
>> The end to weapons testing in the Pacific, and the increasing weapons sales
through the introduction of new weaponry in the guise of modernizing and
capacitating the military forces of allied countries through the year-round military training and exercise.

Sign the Declaration

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