National Day of Action

Do you yearn for a peaceful and independent Australia, an Australia disentangled in US wars?

Let this yearning become visible and vocal by occupying public space and social media in celebrating 4 July as a pre-emptive strike for peace. #IndependenceFROMAmerica Continue reading “National Day of Action”


Peace In Mind Radio Series shortlisted for award

CBAAawardsIn 2013 radio producers Kim Stewart, Linda Rose and Nathan Renault produced a 10 part radio series Peace In Mind, with the help of the Community Broadcasting Foundation, Psychologists for Peace and Radio 4EB in Brisbane.

We have been selected as finalists for the category of Best New Radio Program – Talks. The award winners will be announced in November.

Awards info here:

You can listen to all ten episodes here:

2014 Budget signals more weapons spending, less defence workers

ImageThe 2014 budget has drawn criticism for cuts to health, education and welfare, with more than 2200 defence civilians and contractors to be sacked, while the Liberal government’s budget pushes for billions in military ‘hardware’ spending. 

Total defence outlays for the coming year will be $29.2 billion (up $500 million) and the government will spend $122.7 billion on military hardware to 2017-18.

In the face of cuts to welfare for young people under 30 and increases in the cost of uni fees, the government is instead encouraging young people to join the military with the ADF gap year program – with a price tag of $191.8 million over four years.

Defence budget expert with the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) Mark Thompson told that the budget is, “as good as it gets for defence”.  Not so for veterans who see cuts to pensions, superannunation and medical assistance in this budget.

The implications of the military splurge of this government, during a time they are shouting austerity for everyone else, will not be clear until the 2015 release of the military white paper.



Students of Sustainability conference 2014

What is SOS?​

Students of Sustsos14poster1ainability (SOS) is an annual, volunteer-organised five day conference and festival bringing together hundreds of students, activists, artists, writers and researchers interested in dealing holistically with questions of environmental and social justice. Through plenaries, workshops, skillshares, performances, presentations, artworks and actions, SOS explores everything from deep theoretical issues to questions of everyday political praxis.

SOS aims to articulate the challenges posed by the present ecological crisis not merely to our energy supplies or regulatory regimes, but to the foundations of our economic and social system; to the stories we tell, how we think, what we create and who we are. It is a unique event with a defining role in the Australian environment movement and in all movements working towards a society that is sustainable because it is just, and just, because it is sustainable.​

​What does your ticket include?​

The days will be filled with interactive workshops, smaller presentations, discussion panels and ‘skillshares’ designed to pass on specific organising, research or life skills – as well as a range of musical and artistic performances.

Your ticket includes all camping / accommodation​ in Canberra, complete access to the conference and arts festival, as well as all food for the week.

For more information, about the SoS arts festival and registration see our website or facebook page.

Fraser calls for closure of Pine Gap US spy base

pinegapMalcolm Fraser has called for the closure of the Joint Defence Facility Australia at Pine Gap, writes the ABCs Matt O’Neil. The former prime minister says that Australians could be charged with crimes against humanity in the future over US drone strikes which are reportedly co-ordinated from the facility.

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