Peace Convergence 2015 Pilgrims and organisers

Baptist Pastors/Clergy

Simon Moyle: an ordained Baptist minister and elder of the GraceTree community in Melbourne. Married with four children.

Simon Reeves: father of three children and married to Kaylene. Team leader within Urban Seed, a community development agency. Actively involved in the peace and refugee movement.

Catholic Workers

Jim Dowling: aged 59, married to Ann, father of 7 and grandfather of 1. Vegetarian, veteran peace activist, devout Catholic, cottage industry soap maker and disability support worker from Brisbane. Over 20 acts of civil disobedience for peace spanning 30 years.

David Sprigg: aged 33, activist, farmer, agronomic university student,

Marcellino Samkakay: Catholic worker, refugee and peace activist.


Shane Anderson: Cat in the Hat peace pilgrim and activist.

Andy Paine: activist, musician, community radio presenter, community support worker, Food not Bombs co-ordinator, zine author and zine workshop facilitator. money equals slavery, live simply live free.

Friends of the Earth Brisbane and Queensland Nuclear Free Alliance

Robin Taubenfield: organiser of Peace Convergence.

Frontline Films

David Bradbury:  international filmmaker willing to go to extraordinary lengths for a cause, exposing political oppression and environmental vandalism, his efforts to document the peace movement at his own expense are highly valued.

Trena Lenthall: Film production, peace convergence media team.

Marrickville Peace group

Nick Deane: Cat in the hat peace pilgrim,  Sydney peace and environmental campaigner, public servant and Justice of the Peace Volunteer. Now a retired person and grandfather.

Peace bus

Graeme Dunstan: cultural entrepreneur. Mover and shaker. Maker of artful celebrations. Organiser of Peace Convergence.

Quaker Grannies

Helen Bayes:  lifelong Quaker and 70 year old granny of 13 youngsters.  I spent my working life and voluntary effort doing striving for social justice, human rights and peace.

Jo Vallentine: peace activist from Perth, representing People for Nuclear Disarmament, Veteran peace activist, and former Senator for Western Australia   (1984-92), during which time, and before and since, has been arrested in the cause of peace.  Long-standing Quaker, committed to nonviolence over many years.  Mindful of the fact that these war rehearsals will have a big impact on following generations.

Dawn Joyce: Quaker, writer and editor. Peace pilgrim.


Greg Rolles: 33 year old Quaker.  Member of Christian Peacemaker Teams who work to build partnerships to transform violence and oppression.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom WILPF

Professor Kozue Akiyabashi: peace activist, Okinawa campaigner, International  President of WILPF, from Kyoto.

Walking for Freedom

AJ VanTonder: human rights and peace activist

Sam Quinlan: human rights and peace activist

Teigan Evans: human rights and peace activist

Lucy Allan: media team for peace Convergence 2015, human rights and peace activist

Paul Christie: making his first forays into activism in the early 90s against unreasonable corporate invasion of World Heritage National Park in Far North Queensland. He has spent his life exploring the areas of natural health, permaculture, community development and community action. Spending 7 years directing the FNQ community environment festival “Envirofiesta”.

Margaret Pestorius: Organiser and media team for Peace Convegence, Roman Catholic, Cairns Diocese, living in Australia in a time of perpetual war. I follow the nonviolent Jesus – or I try to, where I am able.

Marcella Brassett: Media and comms coordinator, campaign adviser for Peace Convergence 2015; Communications professional, political, environmental and social justice campaigner, cultural builder.

Becca Horridge: Media and audio recordings

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