Swan Island Peace Convergence

swanisland14Swan Island is a 1.4 square-kilometre sand island near Queenscliff in Victoria. It is home to a golf course and a yacht club, but access to the island is restricted on account of the secret military base occupying 175 hectares of the central and north-eastern part of Swan Island. Access to the narrow vehicular bridge which connects the Island to the mainland, is restricted by “electronic boom gate, guard room, iron fences, barbed wire and security cameras.” Suggests the Herald Sun “Go for a toddle in your boat and get into that restricted area and see what happens. There’ll be a green boat there very soon. It’s beyond top secret.”

The base or ‘training area’ is a “sort of intelligence resort with conference facilities.” According to Age journalist Brendan Nicholson, “less is known about what goes on at Swan Island than is known about Pine Gap” (Pine Gap is a US military base near Alice Springs). In a Commission of Inquiry Report in 2009, the Department of Defence states”Commonwealth activities at Swan island are very sensitive in nature and directly related to national security. The need to protect these national security interests is imperative.”

Peace advocates hold regular actions at the Swan Island base.  Follow their news and events here:



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