#4thofJuly Social Media

Take action today and this Fourth of July:

Right Click and save to your computer, upload to social media with your message

Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #4thofJuly and #independenceFROMamerica 

Take a selfie to personalise your social media message

#IndependenceFROMAmerica on #4thofJuly #NoMoreUSWars

Possible Twitter Texts:

Celebrate #IndependenceFROMAmerica on
#4thofJuly #NoMoreUSWars
@MarisePayne @MarkBinskin_CDF 

This #4thofJuly, we wish to celebrate a declaration of
Syria, Afghanistan is #NotOURwar

#IndependenceFROMAmerica #4thJuly

This #4thofJuly, we wish to celebrate
a declaration of #IndependenceFROMAmerica

Is Australia too close to the US?
Malcolm Fraser thought so
Australians hope #4thofJuly is

Put yourself in the picture 🙂

Print this sign and take a selfie!


Who profits from endless war


Remind people about who the major weapons dealers are.

7 of the top 10 weapons dealers are US corporations coming after your Aussie tax dollar: #IndependenceFROMAmerica includes independence from their conniving corporations!


Pick a meme, post it everywhere

nomoreuswars liberty

Lady Liberty would cry tears of blood if she could see what they have done in her name.


What are we really fighting for? Wage Peace, not War

nomoreuswars poppies


independence little girl

Why is Australia important to the US? Are they really our friend? They can USE US to spy on Asia, provide launching pads for their weapons of mass destruction and use our troops as cannon fodder, all for their wars for profit.

end the alliance skulls

Aus/US War games – happening now – June/July 2017

talisman sabre map

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