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Imagining Peace by Dawn Joyce

Dawn Joyce recently launched her book of reflections: Imagining Peace at the Brisbane Quaker Meeting House.

Sometimes playful but always passionate, Imagining Peace offers a glimpse into the private world of a quirky systems reformer. The great-granddaughter of a social activist, Dawn Joyce invites us along as she challenges peace and justice issues at the personal, community and global level. We are introduced to a network of reformers who offer creative alternatives to a world in crisis.

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Jabiluka Blockade – 20 Years On

In 1998, thousands of people from around the world made their way to Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory to support the Mirarr people in their fight to stop a uranium mine at Jabiluka. The eight months of the protest camp saw busloads from the cities arrive to learn, share and take creative and daring action. Ensuing political, economic and legal action driven by the tireless campaigning of the Mirarr people brought international attention and condemnation to the project. Years of dedication and hard work paid off: the mine was stopped!

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Reflections by Robin Taubenfeld

My brow is a bit more furrowed, but we have made it safely back home. Talisman Saber 2017 has only just begun on the coast of central Queensland but our biennial pilgrimage to the site of these huge US-led nuclear weapons capable military exercises has come to an end. The school holidays are over. It’s time for kids to get back to school and for adults to do… whatever adults do: paying the bills, washing the uniforms, packing lunches, going to work and thinking about the military-industrial complex in our free time!

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SAS absorbed toxic US military culture

This is written in response to The Afghan Files by Dan Oakes and Sam Clark published by the ABC. 11 July 2017.

Graeme Dunstan 12 July 2017

As at July 2017 Graeme Dunstan and others are protesting the US/Australian Alliance practicing for war at Talisman Saber, Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.

The Special Air Service Regiment deployed to Afghanistan in December 2001 and, along with other special forces units of other invading countries, it was made part if US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Special_Operations_Command

This meant that although the Australian SAS conducted operations as all-Australian units, it took its operational orders for SOCOM.

Neither the Australian Parliament nor the Australian people have had much information about what exactly the Australian SAS have been doing in Afghanistan, journalists and publishers are forbidden reporting on “operations matters” and what’s more the SAS is especially secretive. Continue reading “SAS absorbed toxic US military culture”

Peace Convergence 2017

The Peace Convergence (#PC17) is a gathering of peace activists from all around Australia who come together in a celebration of resistance to the biennial Talisman Saber US-Australian War Rehearsals.

TS17 involves thousands of personnel engaging in land, sea and air manouevers: live firing, bombing practice, the use of sonar, on shore landings – and nuclear powered and nuclear-weapons-capable vessels. With support locations in cities around the country, the majority of the action takes place in Queensland, on and around the Great Barrier Reef, in the Northern Territory and in the Coral, Arafura and Timor Seas. These ‘war games’ will commence in June with its major live component taking place July 8-25.

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