In the Media

21st July 2015

Talisman Sabre Timor Leste Melanesia [Melbourne] – 3CR community radio ‘Tuesday hometime’

19th July 2015

Signpost:  Quaker Granny Jo Vallentine – ABC RN /digital/podcast ‘Sunday Nights’

18th July 2015

Darwin protester disrupts Talisman Sabre [Darwin] – Greenleft Weekly

Letter to the Editor Simon Moyle – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Interview with Protesters – 40 minute discussion [uncut version] with Andy Paine for Radio 4zzz

16th July 2015

Channel 7 News Wrap of Talisman Sabre and Peace Convergence – Channel 7 Rockhampton

Talisman Sabre protests including ‘cat in the hat’ cost $50,000: Prosecutor– Brisbane Times

Cat in the Hat protesters arrested over Shoalwater Bay Talisman Sabre protest– Brisbane Times

Rockhampton Bulletin Search

READER’S VIEW: Protesting protesters’ political stunts – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

15th July 2015

Cat in the Hat protesters arrested over Shoalwater Bay Talisman Sabre protest-Brisbane Times

Cat in the Hat protesters arrested over Shoalwater Bay Talisman Sabre protest-Sydney Morning Herald

Man dressed as ‘Cat in the Hat’ gatecrashes US war games operation to play hide and seek with soldiers-The Independent


READERS DISCUSS: Cost to police of anti war protests – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

14th July 2015

Grannies fined $500 each after at Shoalwater Bay yesterday– Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Grannies fined for trespassing at ADF site-AAP

Grandmothers plead guilty to trespass over peaceful protest against Talisman Sabre military training-ABC Online

Quaker grannies after their arrest for protesting at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in relation to the Talisman Sabre – [with Margaret Pestorius and Paul Christie] ABC Online Photograph

Grandmothers arrested over Talisman Sabre protest in Central Queensland– Brisbane Times

Three peace activist grannies face court after blockading an army training camp with a TEA TABLE while dressed in bonnets – Daily Mail Australia

Cat in the Hat arrested Channel 7 Facebook page

Quaker grannies serving soldiers tea arrested ABC RN Drive

13th July 2015

Anti war-games protester charged with disturbing peace in AustraliaXinhua News Agency, the official press agency of the People’s Republic of China.

Darwin activist Justin Tutty arrested for protesting on a beach being used for Exercise Talisman Sabre– ABC

Seven News QLD Video Coverage of Quaker Grannies Arrest

WIN News QLD Video Coverage of Quaker Grannies Arrest

Tea and cake for Grannies in Shoalwater Bay protest Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

 11th July 2015

VIDEO Yeppoon Peace Parade – Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

 10th July 2015

Video: peace activist in court Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Peace Pilgrims trespass on ADF site Nine News QLD

Video: Peace makers fined for protest on Stanage Bay Rd Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

9 July 2015

Politician, peace activists protest Australian-U.S. war games in Queensland. Global Post

War Games send wrong message: Greens.  Herald Sun

Talisman Sabre 2015 the biggest Australian-US military exercise yet

War games send wrong message: Greens – SkyNews [via AAP]

Talisman Sabre 2015 the biggest Australian-US military exercise yet.  – The Australian 10 pm 

Peace pilgrims trespass on war games site (Byron Bay via AAP)

Joint military exercise Talisman Sabre is inflammatory, says Scott Ludlam The Guardian

VIDEO: Trespassers of Talisman Sabre fined in court The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Peace Pilgrim court protest The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

8 July 2015

Peace protesters target Rocky’s iconic bulls The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Professor of gender, peace and militarism visits Rocky The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Three men arrested for trespassing at Shoalwater Bay today The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

7 July 2015

VIDEO: Pilgrims plan parade to wage peace against war The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

4 July 2015

Rattling Talisman Sabre is dangerous by Nick Deane – Green Left Weekly

Pilgrims to disrupt Australia-US war games  – The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) [via AAP]

29 June 2015

Former Rocky activist to return for protest in Yeppoon by Madeline McDonald

26 June 2015

Peace Pilgrims to disrupt war games by Julie Davies

18 June 2015

VIDEO: Protesters say war sucks social and economic capital by Christine Mckee

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