Peace activists to petition PM Rudd at Rockhampton Community Cabinet

Peace activists gathered in Rockhampton to protest Talisman Saber will be petitioning Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when he comes to Rockhampton for the Community Cabinet.


5.30 pm Tuesday 16 July 2013

North Rockhampton High School, Berserker Street, Berserker

Robin Taubenfeld of Friends of the Earth Brisbane will present PM Rudd the recently released report US Bases in Australia:  the social and environmental risks which refutes military claims that it is been environmentally responsible in the Shoalwater Bay Military Exercise Area.

Greg Rolles, geography teacher and public education activist, will be asking if Mr Rudd will agree to an inquiry into the  Iraq War, its cause and its war crimes.

Graeme Dunstan of will be there asking if Mr Rudd learned anything from the mistakes he made as Prime Minister in 2007 when he decided to continue the engagement of Australian  troops in the US war on Afghanistan and increase the number of Australian troops there by 500 (50%).


Further information

Robin Taubenfeld 0411 118 737

Greg Rolles 0439 823 898

Graeme Dunstan 0407 951 688


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