Peace Convergence 2017

The Peace Convergence (#PC17) is a gathering of peace activists from all around Australia who come together in a celebration of resistance to the biennial Talisman Saber US-Australian War Rehearsals.

TS17 involves thousands of personnel engaging in land, sea and air manouevers: live firing, bombing practice, the use of sonar, on shore landings – and nuclear powered and nuclear-weapons-capable vessels. With support locations in cities around the country, the majority of the action takes place in Queensland, on and around the Great Barrier Reef, in the Northern Territory and in the Coral, Arafura and Timor Seas. These ‘war games’ will commence in June with its major live component taking place July 8-25.

2017 Peace Convergence will be the sixth and the event will be produced by a loose coalition of individuals and groups who hold the following as common ground:  

  • We are opposed to war for many reasons.
  • We question the value of the alliance between Australia and the US.
  • We view the Talisman Saber exercises as representative of the aggressive military posturing of the U.S. internationally which far from increasing our regional security, threatens it. It’s Sabre Rattling!!
  • We model non-violence as an alternative to the traditional organised mass violence of the military.
  • We recognise that Talisman Saber military exercises take place on stolen Aboriginal land and view the US alliance as furthering the process of colonisation.

Check out the program for events taking place.

If you would like to join us or volunteer please contact us.



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